Jewish Men Dating Non-Jewish Women

Non Jewish Women

First Rule

Nice-Jewish-Boys are attracted to SchicksaChicks


Second Rule

SchicksaChicks are attracted to Nice-Jewish-Boys

Third Rule

Jewish-Mothers are not attracted to SchicksaChicks

Fourth Rule

Nice-Jewish-Girl’s are not attracted to SchicksaChicks


NJB’s have been marrying SC’s for centuries which is why Jews no longer look like Arabs and more like the English. Hence the term, “Think Yiddish, Look British.”

Suggestions for SC’s

Smoking is always a turn-off. If you smoke a little you may as well be a little bit pregnant. You either smoke or you don’t smoke.

Drinking. Never drink so much that one day a doctor tells you that you can never have another drink. Never drink so much that you are the object of everyone’s attention. Drinking is not a big part of Jewish culture. In Israel they prefer coffee shops where they can sit around and talk interminably which brings me to the next suggestion.

Conversation. Hopefully, you have some. NJB’s like intelligent, independent, sexy SC’s.

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